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The DCNR Bureau of Recreation and Conservation (BRC) builds connections between the citizens and the outdoors through recreation enhancement, natural resources conservation and community revitalization efforts.

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Assistance With Your Grants Process

If you are unsure on which grant to select, feel free to call (1-800-326-7734, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST Monday through Friday) or email us at any time.

If you need additional information please contact your Regional Advisor.

Available Grant Opportunities
Peer and Circuit Rider
This program is open year round
These grant programs fund projects that help municipalities, counties, multi-municipal partnerships, and council of governments to increase local capacity for recreation, parks and conservation. The Peer program funds projects that, through a collaborative process, focus on a specific need identified by the grantee and its partners. The Circuit Rider program aides in the hiring of a full-time park, recreation or conservation professional whose services are shared by the members of a formal partnership, commission or authority.

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